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Posted on: April 6, 2008 9:00 pm

Sunday Night Thoughts

I used to write for my local rag and was an editor in college and I got the itch to write again. I figured posting on the message board would satiate my desire, but it only fueled it so now I'm going to bare my sports soul in this space. There's already a guy who writes for a competitor of this site, but I'm more focused on sports he's not. Sure I'm a Boston guy and I'll have a lot of info on those squads but I have been a writer and a sports fan my whole life. I have a lot more to share.....

Congratulations John Calipari and the Memphis Tigers. All year long the pundits kept knocking them down because they played in a weak conference. The experts said they can't shoot free throws. They would even dismiss the non-con schedule saying in effect, sure they beat some good teams (Olahoma, USC, UConn, Georgetown, Arizona and Gonzaga) but the tournament is a different story. Well, the Tigers had their own idea of a different story, one that ends with them holding up the wood plaque that says "NCAA Div. I Champions Men's Basketball". UCLA was the "in" pick to get to the final tomorrow night against Carolina. We'll get to UNC in a minute. Kevin Love will be a star at the next level, but the one thing that the Bruins don't have, that the other three teams in San Antonio do, is a surplus of athletes that run the floor and work hard in half court situations on both ends of the floor.  It was evident early on in the game that Memphis had more speed and quickness on both ends and that UCLA would have to play a great game just to be in the situation to test the Tigers free throw shooting in the last couple minutes. It never really materialized because Memphis kept Love, Collison and company at arms length all game and shot 86% from the line. Coach Cal has made his team belive that they can win this tournament and that is half the battle. Just ask Bill Belichck. I really think tomorrow night's game will be one of the more exciting finals in history. It has the look of a high scoring, up and down slugfest that will come down to execution and rebounding. I'll make my pick tomorrow.

I honestly didn't think Carolina would get there. I thought Tennessee had the make-up, the ability and the coaching to get past the Heels but that matchup never materialized because for some unkown reason, Rick Pitino can coach in college but will ruin an NBA franchise faster than Derrick Rose can get to the rim. So all four number ones advanced and Kansa came calling. I thought Bo Ryan's Wisonsin Badgers had a good shot to take the Jayhawks out of their game and get to San Antonio but I didn't count on Stephen Curry borrowing Dwight Howard's Superman costume and making the George Mason-esque run to the Elite Eight. The kid can shoot the lights out and reminds me of Reggie Miller with a better jump shot. Some NBA team is going to be very happy and all that pass on him will live to regret it. Are you listening Danny Ainge? This kid could be the spot up shooter the Celtics could use. Back to the Kansas-Carolina game, if you can call it that. Kansas wanted it more than everyone on the Heels except Tyler "get your hands off me bro" Hansbrough. He has more desire than anyone who has ever stepped on a college basketball court. By no means do I think he's one of the best ever, nor do I think he'll have anything more than a journeyman career in the NBA, but you've got to give it to the kid. He won't ever quit.....ever. He does more with less than anyone in history short of Dan Reuttiger. Maybe you've heard of him. Hansbrough is Rudy on steroids. But he didn't count on the rest of his squad leaving their games in the state of North Carolina. This game was over five minutes in. Roy Williams even knew it. CBS caught him hanging his head in disbelief when they got down 20. There are rumors that Hansbrough will be back. He's apparently renewed his lease on his apartment. I think he will come back now that they got bounced. If they had won the title, I think he was a ghost and headed to the NBA. Now he can look forward to sitting on the bench cheering on his teammates. At least he'll be rich.

I am thoroughly convinced the Red Sox are flat out exhausted. They've got to be ecstatic they are coming home. They get their rings tomorrow which will be nice, but I think they'll be even happier just to sleep in their own beds. They've gone from Boston, to Japan, to the west coast, to Toronto and back to Boston in just a couple weeks. That's a long vacation, nevernind a business trip! I've heard Francona say that the team just wants to "get back to the grind of baseball". They've been trotted around the globe as an attraction. They've been part of essentially five opening day ceremonies after tomorrow. It's no wonder Francona and his players just want to play ball and get back to their "normal" lives. Now if they can only get back in the win column.

Well, I've got a lot more on my mind an I'll get to it all, but I don't want to go crazy my first time out, I'll probably be back tomorrow. I hope you liked my thoughts even if you didn't agree with them. Hey, I think this is all the case, but then again what do I know....

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