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Posted on: April 7, 2008 3:31 pm

Random Day Baseball and NCAA Title Thoughts

What in the world happened to Tom Gorzelanny in the offseason? He was absolutely horrendous today and has looked like he lost his control in both starts. The Pirates are the kind of team that can sneak up on you nowadays. Good talent that aren't really household names like Nate McLouth and Xavier Nady but they produce. A few more arms like Ian Snell and they could be contenders once again.

Same goes for the musician who thinks he can pitch in Bronson Arroyo. His numbers have taken a slide now that NL hitters are familiar with him. When they first made the deal for Wily Mo Pena, I thought the Sox had made a mistake. Arroyo put up great numbers last years and that got me even more aggravated, but the Sox won the World Series without him anyways and now he's reverting back to the pitcher he was in Boston before he left.

As for the title game tonight, I see an up and down slugfest with the team who wins the rebounding category taking home the hardware. Kansas has good size inside and coming off the bench but Memphis works harder and for that reason I give them the edge. If Rose continues his solid play, and lays off the sugar (if you didn't hear, he had stomach troubles yesterday because all he ate was candy) then I think Memphis pulls it out. Free throws have been their "achilles heel" according to the pundits. How can you have an achilles heel when you've only lost one game all season???? Beyond me. I don't think it bites them tonight either.

Memphis 85 Kansas 78 

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